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Juggling Too Many Transactions?

We get it, real estate is fast-paced, and time flies, especially when you’re a top agent with a growing list of deals. It’s super easy to let those little but crucial details slip in the rush, leaving you buried under paperwork and possibly missing out on some great opportunities. We’re here to help you keep on top of it all without the stress!

Be the Rockstar Agent You're Meant to Be

Imagine this: every one of your transactions ticking along perfectly, giving you the freedom to really connect with your clients and prospects. This is where you shine as a producer, building strong relationships and closing deals smoothly. That’s the power of partnering with us.

From List to Close

We've Got You

Think of us at Helping You Succeed as your backstage crew in your real estate show. Got a listing hitting the market soon or an offer accepted? Great! Now hand over the behind-the-scenes work. We dive into the details so you can shine in the spotlight, focusing on what you love – pampering clients and growing your business.

Empowering Your Success Story


Hi, there.
I'm Sandy Schlappe

I’ve been in the real estate industry since 1991, and I understand what it takes to grow a successful business in a market that never sits still. Let’s face it, keeping clients happy, staying on top of the latest trends, and handling the endless to-do list for each deal can be a lot.

Running your own show means your time’s too valuable to be spent trying to do it all on your own.

When you partner with Helping You Succeed, you will get the peace of mind that comes from teaming up with experts who have been there and done that. But it’s more than just handing off the busy work, you’re getting a partner who’s all in on making your business soar just as much as you are.

It Takes One To Know One

At Helping You Succeed, we know the real estate industry. Drawing from a wealth of experience that spans over three decades in the real estate sector, we understand what it takes to build a real estate business that gives freedom instead of chaining us to our work.  

Being overburdened with administrative tasks can make you feel:

Experiencing the freedom of hands free transaction management can look like:

Simplify your success in three easy steps

Step 1: Book Your Success Strategy Call:

Share your unique challenges and goals with us 

Step 2: Choose the Plan for You:

We’ll advise you on the best fit 

Step 3: Partner with Us:

Enjoy the freedom to focus on your clients and business growth

Transform How You Do Real Estate
It's Time for a Change

With us in your corner, you’re set to:


“Before working with Sandy as my Transaction Coordinator, I had never used a TC before, and I’ve been in the industry for a long time.  However, since working with Sandy, she has proven to be the best I am aware of. Working with Sandy has transformed my business. She has been instrumental in ensuring effective communication and getting documents fully signed. Sandy’s proactive approach includes flagging any potential oversights, providing me with peace of mind that mistakes in my files will be minimal, if any. Her attention to detail is unparalleled. Sandy has become a key component of my business, especially when dealing with buyers or sellers under contract. The
most valuable aspect of the Transaction Coordinator services Sandy provides is
the regular and effective communication with my clients.. She is hardworking, detail-oriented, honest, and has significantly contributed to improving my business over the years. Sandy’s expertise is an asset that any real estate professional would benefit from. Highly recommend!!” 

Steve Calley, Your Castle Real Estate

“One aspect of Sandy’s work that pleasantly surprised me was her level of detail which is truly amazing! Sandy’s commitment to keeping everything organized and on track has been a game-changer for me. Sandy consistently exceeds my expectations by not only managing the details, deadlines and follow up but also providing invaluable support in challenging situations. Her knowledge of real estate, her ability to offer great advice and willingness to dive deep with demanding clients has saved me from the brink of insanity on multiple occasions. Sandy goes above and beyond in ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction process. Don’t’ wait to work with Sandy, the peace of mind and support you’ll gain are well worth the investment. Sandy is not just a Transaction Coordinator; she is a valuable partner in navigating the complexities of real estate transactions.”  

Danielle Gottlieb, ReMax Realty Centre

“Before I enlisted the services of Sandy as my Transaction Coordinator, I was drowning in the challenges of ensuring correct paperwork, timely communication with both clients and myself. The stress of managing it all was pushing me to the point where I ended up doing everything myself to avoid any mistakes. Enter Sandy, and the transformation has been nothing short of incredible. The solution she brought to the table has made my professional life a million times better. Sandy handles everything with remarkable efficiency and precision, requiring little supervision from my end. Sandy’s knowledge of real estate, experience and attention to detail is commendable, ensuring that all paperwork is not only correct but also aligned with current standards and legal requirements. With Sandy managing deadlines, details and follow up, my time is now freed up to focus on income-producing activities – the core of my real estate business. I wholeheartedly recommend hiring Sandy today. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for the invaluable peace of mind and efficiency she brings to your business.” 

Chelsey Tisdale, Flying Horse Realty 

Transform Your Transactions: Unlock Peak Efficiency and Skyrocket Client Satisfaction 

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