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Why Hire A Transaction Coordinator

Why not let me help you with the details for your listings so you can have more time to do what you need to do!

Meet Sandy Schlappe

I have been in the Real Estate industry since 1991. My experience and training is extensive and diverse – from being part of a top team, assisting in the startup of a company, to the successful turnaround of an existing one. Having been coached by a top coach in the industry myself, I know the hard work and dedication it requires to grow your business. I also know the rewards of such effort and commitment!  

Before starting my company, I was also a Productivity Coach and Team Leader for Keller Williams. Additionally, I have had an article published in the May 2008 Broker Associate magazine that was received well and I have an Employing Broker (Managing Broker) level Real Estate license in Colorado.  

When I moved to Colorado from Virginia in 2002, I started coaching and consulting with many top agents. Today I offer various services for Realtors to help them, their team, and their company go to the next level!