“Thank you!!!!! I am so happy to have such a Pro helping me!!!! 👍” D.R./HomeSmart Cherry Creek, 2017 


“There is little left to do when Sandy is on the job. Great job Sandy!” J.T./HomeSmart Realty Group, 2017  


“Sandy, we are so grateful and appreciative of your support…there is no way we could have stayed organized and prepared without your professional help. Hats off to you for dealing with us crazy homebuyers 😊”. S.S./Buyer, 2017 


“Thank you Sandy! You have been so amazing to work with! I appreciate all that you do for me, more than you know! I have and will continue to sing Sandy’s praises whenever possible. I am a huge fan of your work!” W.K./Independent Agent, 2017   

“Sandy does a great job. I'm glad to have found her. :-) “- N.W./Colorado Real Estate Company, 2017  


“Happy to have a great transaction coordinator to stay on top of things! Thank you!” – K.N./Wisdom Real Estate, 2017   

“I just wanted to tell you that you are amazing and worth every penny! Thank you so much, you are doing an exceptional job! You are like HEAVEN!” – C.K./Your Castle Real Estate, 2017    

“Everything was great. Communication is key and she is on top of it all.” – J.C./Keller Williams, 2017   


“Being a part time agent who has a full time job, I found her help to be invaluable. She was always on top of every detail.” – M.C./Brokers Guild Classic, 2017    

“I have been looking for a good TC for while and I’m so glad I found you! You are doing a great job and in fact, I recommended you to other agents I know. I will be giving you all my business and will give your contact info to other brokers. Thanks for doing a wonderful job!” – D.R./HomeSmart Realty Group, 2017    

“Thanks Sandy, I have enjoyed all the information you have provided me in advance. It has made this probably the easiest home buying experience I have ever had!” – J.F./Buyer, 2017  

“Sandy, you are awesome. I booked a long vacation for the fall and that is only because I have so much confidence in you, that I'm ok taking a break! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - D.T./Silver Fern Homes, 2016    

“I value Sandy's expertise, organizational ability, prompt responses, astute observations, and knowledge that supports my Real Estate Transactions in ways I could have only dreamed. Thank you, Sandy for making my life so much more stress free!” – W.K./Independent Agent, 2016   


“For as busy as we were starting to work together, there were very few issues. You picked up the ability to work in a county and board you have never before been exposed to as well as a resort market. I am very delighted with Sandy's ability to grasp complex deals and help me get them closed.” – K.C./Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate, 2016   


“Honestly, this was the first time I've ever used a TC. I always just figured "It's just paperwork, how hard can it be to save the money and do it myself." What I didn't realize was that "just the paperwork" is actually something the buyers and sellers are having to deal with daily, and to them it's NOT just paperwork. Having your help and attention to all things transaction related made me (and my clients) feel as if they had white glove service throughout the process. SO GLAD I found you, and this will definitely not be the last!” – S.C./HomeSmart Realty Group, 2015


“Best money I have ever spent….it’s so awesome that I can lay down at night and not have to worry about whether I missed a deadline because we are on top of it! You are awesome!” – 2015    

“I really like the professional way she handles a transaction now. A way to improve my not be possible.It was impressive when my listing went live and Sandy emailed me to ask if I was in need of a transaction coordinator. That was just what I needed, right in the nick of time. Sandy handled, virtually, all the paperwork. Her daily updates kept me abreast of all the contract deadlines and document requirements. She was always available and offered excellent strategic suggestions when we encountered a problem. She knew how to properly phrase the counters, extensions and resolutions so that they were readily understandable. Sandy was never rattled. She was always calm and level headed. This was very beneficial to me when I was in a panic state. The documentation required in a deal is very important. Many agents just don't have time to do it properly. That is were Sandy comes in. Once I handed the contract off to Sandy, I was free to go after another deal.” – E.C./Coney Management and Realty Co., 2015     

“Sandy is an exemplary Transaction Coordinator!!!!! Our deal went very smoothly, thanks to her diligent and unerring work! Thank you, Sandy for making my life so much easier!” – W.K./Independent Agent, 2015    

“Very, very pleased. I really appreciate the regular dates and deadline updates to clients. I really appreciate your communication with agents on the other side, with title companies, with lenders. Very professional, very clear. I really appreciate the explanations you provide ie. due diligence docs, off record, etc. I feel your services have been an incredible value add to the services I provide my clients.” – J.K./HomeSmart Cherry Creek, 2015 


"I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help. You've taught me a tremendous amount about the real estate industry and you've been in integral part of our growth as a real estate company" – J. M./Del West, 2014    

"Thank you Sandy! I honestly do not know what I would do without your help!" – 2014


"We spent the last two days with the real estate commission auditor in our office. I'm proud to quote the auditor as she left this evening "you passed with flying colors". Your files were wonderful" – D. R./New Age Real Estate, 2014    

“Given the work load we have given you in a short amount of time I think you have done a fantastic job getting to know us and working with us. I have received compliments about your services from both the title company and one of the buyer lenders on one of our deals. Great job!!" - 2013    

"I am lucky to have you on my Team! You are very good and I appreciate it." – 2013


"Well done! Thank you for the "so on top of it" transaction coordinating. I truly appreciate your services" – 2012  


"Thank you! I'm never doing real estate without you" – 2011   


"Closed effortlessly, I give you a tremendous of credit for my deals closing so smoothly" – 2011 


"Sandy, I cannot tell you how amazing your service is!! I have been on appointments today and all this has been done for me. Normally I would be stressing about what hasn't been completed!! Thank you so much..." – 2010 


"You are by far the best assistant I have ever had, period!" – 2010

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