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Do you need a Transaction PRO? Put my 26 years of Real Estate training and experience to work for you!

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5 Benefits of Using a Transaction PRO:

1. You are not responsible for paying the following taxes:

As a Transaction PRO, I am an Independent Contractor. You don’t have to worry about taking out these deductions or keeping track of them.

2. If you have a full or part time assistant, you have to pay them whether you are busy or not!

Allowing me to assist you as a Transaction PRO means that you only have to pay for help when you need it

3. Using a Transaction PRO leverages your time and resources!

As your Transaction PRO, I save you 10+ hours on each file that you have. That’s 10+ hours of work that you don’t have to do! That means you can use your time more efficiently to focus on the “dollar producing” activities or simply spend more time with your family!

4. Another set of eyes to make sure you are in compliance and nothing is missed!

If you have been through an audit you will know that this is crucial!

5. It is really hard to hire not only good help, but help that does not need to be trained!

I am licensed and have over 25 years of experience!

Years of Experience
Hours of Work Saved for Agents
Listing Files Worked On
Under Contract Files Worked On

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Client's Testimonials

“Helping You Succeed has taken a huge burden off my shoulders. Transaction management is a huge part of my business and it’s nice to know that they review every last piece of paperwork and make sure it is properly executed.”

S.T. Coldwell Banker Estes
Village Properties

“Sandy is an amazing transaction coordinator! She is incredibly organized, responsive and on top of things. She eases my mind that no important details or deadlines will be missed and allows me to focus on being in the field with my clients rather than bogged down with paperwork. I would highly recommend her!”

K.G. 360dwellings

“Made our lives 10x easier using Sandy and her crew! Simply amazing. Once you have her in your life, you will wonder how you ever lived without her. What’s the harm? Try them for 1 deal & I guarantee you’ll see the value she can add. Thank you Sandy!!!”

J.O. Penn-Jersey Realty, LLC