Listing Transaction PRO Service

$100 off Under Contract Transaction Coordinator Project

Under Contract Transaction PRO Service

For your listing or Buyer that has gone U/C

 Our Mission
We are committed to providing excellent services and a high level of support in order to Help You Succeed!
Services Offered
Listing Transaction Coordinator Services
Do you need help with Listings? I can help you get them added to the MLS, turned into your office, and much more! 
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Under Contract (UC) Transaction Coordinator Services
Do you need help with UC files? Let me help you manage the details and deadlines for your under contract files so that you don't have to!
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File Auditing
Do you need help making sure your closed files are complete and turned into your office? Give me a call so we can start getting your files in order! 
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Benefits of Using a Transaction Coordinator
Not sure if you need a Transaction Coordinator? Click here to find out the many benefits of using a TC!
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About Me
I have been in the Real Estate industry since 1991. My experience and training is extensive and diverse – from being part of a top team, assisting in the startup of a company, to the successful turnaround of an existing one. Having been coached by a top coach in the industry myself, I know the hard work and dedication it requires to grow your business. I also know the rewards of such effort and commitment!  

Before starting my company, I was also a Productivity Coach and Team Leader for Keller Williams. Additionally, I have had an article published in the May 2008 Broker Associate magazine that was received well and I have an Employing Broker (Managing Broker) level Real Estate license in Colorado.  
When I moved to Colorado from Virginia in 2002, I started coaching and consulting with many top agents. Today I offer various services for Realtors to help them, their team, and their company go to the next level!